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Adding a knowledge base to your site can save you and your support staff hours of time each week by providing your users with a central resource containing commonly requested information. AutoKB was created specifically to handle the task of creating and maintaining a knowledge base. With AutoKB you can let your users help themselves when they need assistance. Instead of immediately contacting your tech support department, they can quickly find answers to common questions in your knowledge base. This will also prevent your tech support staff from answering the same questions over and over.

TGP Cropper

With TGP Cropper you can easily browse to any website and select any image to edit. With only a click of the mouse you can download any image on the page you are viewing and open it in the integrated image editor. Once you are done editing the image you can save it to your hard disk drive or upload it to your AutoGallery SQL, TGP Rotator, or AutoGallery Pro control panel for use as a preview thumbnail. TGP Cropper can also be used as a stand alone program to edit any image from any web page.


EasyTS is an easy to use ticket system that helps you manage correspondence with your customers. Once installed on your server, e-mail messages sent to you from your customers will be automatically processed, stored in a database, and viewable through a web-based interface. You can reply your customer e-mail messages directly through the web-based interface, and have multiple users replying to tickets. You can also setup autoresponders and canned response to reduce the amount of time you spend on customer service.


AutoGallery will allow you to accept gallery submissions from webmasters. The software can check to make sure the gallery URL is working, and it will then add the gallery to a queue. As the administrator you will be able to examine all of the galleries in the queue, and approve or reject each one individually.


AutoRank will allow you to track the surfers that other sites are sending to you. Each site can signup for an account and get unique HTML code which will track the surfers they send. Once they have signed up, they will be ranked against all of the other sites in your database. The site which sends you the most visitors will be at the top of the list.

Password Safe

PasswordSafe is a free PHP script that will allow you to manage all of your account passwords and other sensitive data. You will only need to remember one master password, and that in turn will give you access to all of the data that you store. Your data will be securely encrypted using industry standard AES 256 encryption, which ensures that only you will be able to access your data. This is the same type of encryption that the US goverment has selected for use when encrypting classified data!


FreeSplit is a free Windows program that will allow you to split large files into smaller pieces or join a number of small files into one larger file. This can be very useful if you have large files that you need to put on removable media such as a recordable CD, a recordable DVD, a USB flash drive, or a floppy disk. With the join feature you can join multiple server log files into one large file, or use the pieces from a split file to recreate it.


MagicWake allows you to use the Wake On LAN computer network standard to send a special packet across your network to instruct a dormant computer to power itself up. Your motherboard and network interface card will need to support the Wake On LAN standard in order to use this program.


ShutMeDown is a small Windows utility program that you can use to power down your computer or place it in standby mode. This utility can be extremely useful when you are using the remote desktop connection feature of Windows XP and you want to shut down the remote computer you are working on. By default, the Windows start menu does not allow you to shutdown the computer from a remote desktop session, but this utility will allow you to do just that.

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